Monday, November 3, 2014

Freak Out!

Ummmmmm.... Hi?

Been awhile... Yeah...

Ok excuses:

I thought the internet was down!

My dog ripped the router out of the wall!

I tripped and took out all the wiring in the entire house including the ones responsible for the internet!

Ummmmm.... I'm out.

Really though, it's been a while (awhile? Not sure which is right. If you know, please correct me. I'm apparently too lazy to use Google.) I've been doing some extra stuff at work and I'm going back to school next semester and I've been less than talkative in real life lately which all translates to me being very untalkative on the internet. But I'm about to make up for that.

Prepare for the melodramatic rant in 3...2...1...

YOU GUYS!!! Wine and Dine is THIS SATURDAY! As in 4 sleeps from now. And I'm. Freaking. Out. I missed soe long runs and they ones that I got in were pretty slow. My biggest concern: getting swept. Realistically, I'm sure I'll be fine. I'm in corral J so I have a bit of a buffer and the adrenaline of the whole experience will probably help as well. 

I've also gotten some wisdom from Frankfurt: 1. Hydrate. 2. Pace thyself (his words not mine) and 3. Have fun. Thank you Frankfurt!


Ok, dramatics out of the way now. I have A LOT to tell you guys. 5 race recaps, mostly, plus a tale of fat feet and a near death experience. And maybe some more dramatics. But what is life without a little drama? Calmer, I suppose. But perhaps not as much fun. 

Question of the day: Were you nervous before your first half? Also, HELP ME! Words of wisdom would be greatly appreciated.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

I'm Alive!

So... Been awhile. Totally my fault, no excuses. But if there were excuses they would be as follows.

1. I haven't been working out much the last few weeks for several reasons (my excuses have sub-excuses, that makes me fancy, right?) First, a couple of my friends at work quit to go work in their preferred field and while I'm very happy for them it makes me sad cause they're leaving me! So I was a bit depressed about that and just wanted to wallow. Second, my parents went out of town and left me with the house all to myself so I decided I would rather sit in the recliner and watch TV than go to the gym. Lame, I know.

2. I was mentally preparing for Wine and Dine training to begin! And begin it did! I did great the first half of the week and then I dropped a table on my foot so I missed my second 30 minutes run and my long run. It was just a crazy bruise, but my foot seems to be completely better now so I am ready to tackle week two!

And that's the end of the excuses. Which weren't really excuses because there are no excuses for my absence.

Moving on, Princess registration opens this week! Who's in? Me, for one. Also Pattserella and Shelila because I forced them to sign up for the 5k with me. Hooray for peer pressure!

Who's doing Princess Weekend this year?

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Happy Friendaversary (A Month Ago)!

Happy, Happy Friendaversary, Happy, Happy Friendaversary, Happy, Happy Friendaversary to me to and
you and me and you!

That was the theme song of my weekend a few weekends ago because apparently I suck at blogging.

I met Pattserella 15 years ago. 15 years, man. Heavy.

But yeah. When we went to Disney a few weekends ago it was just for kicks. Pattserella had just gotten her
annual pass but had to deliver a wedding cake on Saturday morning so we decided to leave Saturday
afternoon and stay the night.

Coronado Springs was our resort of choice for several reasons: 1. It was the cheapest of the moderate
resorts. 2. The pool looked awesome. And 3. My old friend Ra-Shelly used to work there and her
Facebook updates always made me jealous of her awesome job.

One thing about Coronado Springs: It’s kind of spread out, so if you’re looking for a quick point A to
point B place this may not be the resort for you. Also, we stayed in a Rancho which was huge and kind of
maze like. I kept getting lost on my way to the room. But I might be am directionally challenged so that might be the issue.

We didn’t even decide to make it our Friendaversary until we went to the pool on Saturday evening.

I was being melodramatic and shouted “15 years, man! 15 years of friendship and this is how I get
treated!” after I got splashed. And thus, our Friendaversary began.

First stop: the ticket window to get Pattserella’s pass and to get Happy Anniversary buttons. Which we
wore around the park. When Pattserella went through bag check, the security guy was like “Who’s the lucky guy?” and she had to say, “Oh, it’s my friend Sarah. It’s our Friendaversary.” So people thought we were lesbians all night. It was kind of funny.

We got to ride Space Mountain twice and Splash Mountain twice (which is awesome in the dark by the
way. What is it with me and rides in the dark?). We actually hit pretty much every ride we wanted to in
just 5 or 6 hours that we were there. We didn’t ride Pirates of the Caribbean mostly because it broke
while we were in line and I didn’t feel like waiting. No Haunted Mansion either because we didn’t walk
that way.

We did witness a woman on Space Mountain at 12:20 am yelling at one of the cast members for not
letting them go on the fast pass side when they didn’t have fast passes. Rude. Hella rude. He eventually
just let her go but I wanted to apologize to him for her behavior cause that was pretty much the rudest
thing I have ever seen. People suck.

Day two was Epcot. We wanted to be out the door by 2 so we hit what we could and mostly just wandered around the World Showcase. And got the cinnamon glazed almonds that I love! And it didn't rain, so automatically a win over my last trip to Epoct.

The takeaway of all this? If you have a friend you've been friends with for a super long time, have a friendaversary, just be prepared for people to assume you're a lesbian. Also, write blog posts right after the event rather than a month later so that you can remember most of the details.

Have you ever celebrated a friendaversary?

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Week In Review

Hey hey hey! Happy Father's Day! I just got back from taking my father out for a steak dinner and it was yum-tastic! We all know how much I love food.

Also, I might actually do a post or two this week that aren't a weekly review! What the fudge!? Does that actually happen?

On to the weekly review!

Sunday: Rest Day

Monday: Unexpected Rest Day (headache :()

Tuesday: 1 mile treadmill with Samatha plus half of the 30 minute circuit

Wednesday: I built a house!

Thursday: Rest Day (cause building a house is hard)

Friday: Rest Day

Saturday: Swim Party!

Only one day of running. But I built a house! That's kind of a big deal! Habijax was doing their annual Blitz where they build 25 houses in a week and I helped! Our company is pretty big on community relations so they let about 30 people go and help out. We did siding, and not to sound to egotistical, but we were awesome! Our HR guy was on our team and had to tell me and my friend K. Ward to play nice with each other and we had to explain to him that snarking at each other is how we love.

And yesterday was swim party at Pattserella's house! For about 3 hours, too. The first swim session of the summer! And I found out an interesting tidbit: her boyfriend Frankfurt is considering doing the Goofy Challenge which would be legit awesome! He needs some virtual encouragement! Do it Frankfurt! DO IT!!!

Also, I watched Star Trek: Into Darkness 3 times in the past week. Just thought you should know.

What did you do for Father's Day?

Have you ever participated in Habitat for Humanity?

Tell Frankfurt he should do the Goofy Challenge!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Week in Review

So, apparently I don't do anything on Sundays because this post is late yet again. Not as bad as last week though! Let's embrace that silver lining, shall we?

Last week? I was pretty okay, I guess.

Sunday - Rest day

Monday - Rest day

Tuesday - 2 miles treadmill w/Samantha (fastest mile ever!)

Wednesday - Rest day

Thursday - 1 mile treadmill w/Samantha

Friday - 1 mile treadmill, .5 mile elliptical and 1.5 miles bike w/Samantha

Saturday - Rest day

Total mileage - 4 miles

Meh. Not super awesome. But I went out and did stuff so that's good.

As you almost definitely already know, the Star Wars Half Marathon weekend sold out today and the Rebel Challenge sold out in 26 minutes! I'm really glad I got in there early. Also, I've changed my outfits for the races. I know I said I was going to be a rancor but the logistics of that would be insane. So here goes: for the 5k I shall be R2D2; for the 10k I shall be Princess Leia; and for the Half I shall be Han Solo. Bam! Decided!

I've also been working on ideas for my costumes for all of my races. For Wine and Dine, I'm torn. I was thinking a holiday theme. But then I feel like for my first half I should channel my spirit animal: Donald Duck. Yeah? Yeah? Maybe?

Are you running Star Wars?

Should I be Donald Duck for Wine and Dine?

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Week in Review

Happy Hump Day!

I usually do this on Sunday but I was lazy on Sunday and didn't do anything except nap. So here it is, my week in review for the last week in May.

Sunday - Rest Day

Monday - 3 miles treadmill w/Samantha plus arms, legs and abs

Tuesday - 30 minute circuit plus 1 mile treadmill w/Samantha

Wednesday - Rest Day

Thursday - 1 mile outside with Shelila

Friday - Rest Day

Saturday - Rest Day

Total Mileage - 5 miles

Not so great mileage wise and then Samantha went on a cruise so I slacked off at the end of the week since I didn't have my gym buddy.

I've hit 5 weeks so far running 3 times per week so I've almost earned a new GPS watch!

Also, runDisney announced the highly anticipated Star Wars Weekend at Disneyland! I wasn't planning on doing it but it's the week before my birthday AND it's Star Wars themed so I decided I had to do it. It's fate! Or just the Force working in mysterious ways. My brother told me I should dress up as a rancor and chase people during the race which I think is an awesome idea. Just have to figure it out now. I just registered since I get early registration because of being an Annual Passholder and it was not so great for my money situation but it's going to be my birthday present to myself. At least that's how I'm justifying it to myself. And I'll be saving up pretty hardcore to afford everything while I'm there. So it's ok. I have a plan.

In other news, I ran my fastest mile ever yesterday! And I really needed it. I was starting to get discouraged about my weight and my running but that mile helped my confidence immensely. So hooray!

How did your workouts go last week (and this week so far)?

Are you registering for the Star Wars Half Marathon? Am I going to be chasing you through Disneyland as a rancor?

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Week in Review

Not to brag or anything, but I am awesome! I rocked this week like no other week before it!

Sunday: Walked Epcot with Pattserella for our Friendaversary

Monday: 2 mile treadmill run with Samantha + 10 minutes elliptical

Tuesday: 2 miles treadmill run with Samantha

Wednesday: Rest Day

Thursday: 1 mile treadmill run with Samantha + 30 minute circuit

Friday: 2 mile treadmill run with Samantha + legs and arms machines

Total Miles: 7 miles

Run Fund Total: $52

Ok, so not only did I run 4 days this week, I also cross trained! Not even one of my goals last week. Over achiever, me.

So goals from last week were:

1. Run 3 times - Done and then some! Ran four times this week, woohoo!

2. Run solo - I meant to... I really did. Samantha was getting her hair done on Wednesday so wasn't going to go to the gym so I was going to go on my own then but I decided I needed a rest day.

And next week I plan to continue to rock it!

1. Run 3 times - 4 weeks down, 2 to go until I get to buy myself something expensive and beautiful! I'm debating between the Garmin Forerunner 220 and the Nike+ GPS Watch.

2. Run outside - It's Florida! I know it's hot! But running outside on the pavement is important. I don't want to become too dependent on the treadmill. Races are run outside on the pavement so I need to get used to both.

It's going to be a great week! I can feel it!

How did your workouts go this week?

Happy Haunted 5k – 132 days| Wine and Dine Half Marathon – 167 days | Avengers Half Marathon – 175 days | Walt Disney World Half Marathon – 230 days | Disney Princess Half Marathon – 273 days